Dive into the depth of your being, through the power of your own Breath – with Conscious Connected Breathing, Body- and Energywork guided by Sarah Gatzka.

Breathwork in Germany, 2024.

Experience Breathwork with Sarah Gatzka and Florence Dechand this Summer in Germany:

  • 1:1 Breathwork Sessions und
  • Breathwork Circle (Gruppenworkshops)

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Through breath- and bodywork, Sarah guides her clients to discover and explore themselves deeply. Book a one-on-one session with Sarah. 


Breathwork Retreat in Norddeutschland, auf dem NONNA Hof: 12. – 17. August 2024.

About Sarah.

Sarah creates spaces for deep self-exploration and self-expression. The spaces she creates allow her clients to calm their minds, let their bodies speak and express themselves and their emotions fully.

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